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Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Lagos That You MUST Know! (2021 UPDATED)

When I think of the top 10 real estate companies in Lagos, the following companies come to mind.

It is a bit of a close call to rank the “best” real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria due to the massive results, improved professionalism, and impeccable work ethics of the agents and realtors representing most of these companies.

However, based on our research and work with most Real Estate Companies in Lagos, I came up with this list:

1. Landwey investment Ltd

top real estate companies in Lagos
Landwey Investment Ltd.

Located at Km 42, Lekki Epe Express Way, Oko Addo, Sangotedo, Ajah, Lagos.

One of the qualities that make Landwey unique is the innovation and creativity with which they took and are still taking the real estate industry by storm.

They keep pushing the boundaries of creative products and selling in the market and giving a wake-up call to competition.

Their influence on the market has been positive and refreshing.

2. Realty Point Ltd

Realty Point Ltd.

For me, Realty Point is one of the companies out there that has stood the test of time in terms of quality service and integrity.

As far as I am concerned, Realty Point has stood the test of time and trust.

Most properties at Realty Point are not that expensive.

In addition, they have some sumptuous payment plans that can span as long as 24 months.

And they deal in real estate that is available to the average Nigerian on fair terms.

The unique selling point for Realty Point is their affordable properties and their flexible payment plans that can even accommodate daily payments.

Indeed, they are serving the needs of the lower and middle classes.

This also makes them a viable choice for those who receive money daily from their business.

3. Tromville Ltd

Tromville Ltd.

Just like Realty Point also deals in properties with moderate prices.

Most of which an average Nigerian can afford.

While their payment plans are not as flexible (and long-term) as Realty Point, Tromville will always deliver on their promise of some of the best bargains in the real property space.

Just like Realty Point, they target locations and properties that the average Nigerian can afford within a reasonable period of time.

4. Gracias Global Ltd

Gracias Global Ltd.

The illustrious company secures and sells properties more on Lagos Island.

However, they still do so much in creating a form of flexibility that allows people from the upper-middle-class (at least) to own properties on the island.

One of the major reasons I recommend and respect Gracias Global is the integrity of their CEO, Ololade Abuta who has been able to instill that level of integrity in the company itself.

Mrs. Olalade moves heaven and earth to make good on her promises, and that is commendable in this industry.  

5. Metro and Castle Ltd

top real estate companies in Lagos
Metro and Castle Ltd.

It is undeniable that Metro and Castle Ltd. is one of the top real estate companies doing wonders around Abraham Adesanya.

Their packaging and creative delivery are almost unmatched in that axis.

This is because their properties stand out with features such as daily minimum 18 hours of electricity that gives them an edge in the market.

They have functional structures and track records to prove themselves as a top dog, and are doing just that.

I put them on this list of top real estate companies in Lagos because I love what they are doing, I think it is bold, unique, and quite innovative.

6. Veritasi Homes Ltd

Veritasi Home Ltd.

The beautiful firm Veritasi is still quite young (about 3 years old now) and are doing great, growing smoothly and delivering on their promises.

They started with land sales and have gradually moved to also cover development.

They make the bold claim to providing marketing, advisory and developmental services.

Veritasi does this across the entire real estate value chain in Nigeria and across Africa.  

7. Red Brick International Ltd (Amen estate)

Red Brick International Ltd.

The company came into the limelight and became a formidable force with their Amen Estate project.

The project boasts hundreds of housing units.

With Funke Akindele (Jennifer) as one of their top influencers, Amen Estate is not only popular, but it has announced the ability and integrity of Red Brick to potential buyers and investors.

8. Victoria Crest Homes

Victoria Crest Homes

According to their mission Victoria Crest Homes is a real estate company passionate about delivering excellence.

Also, they provide affordable housing solutions that exceed expectations.

With their flagship projects, – Victoria Crest Estates I, II, and III, – Victoria Crest Homes have shown their presence and dominance in the industry.

They deal more with residential properties in the Choice parts of Lagos.

There, they deliver on their promise of premium quality for those who can afford it and for the best prices.

The company was started by Kennedy Okonkwo, CEO of NEDCOMOAKS of which Victoria Crest is a member, Victoria Crest Homes has become a force by itself in the real estate business.

9. Fine and Country, Nigeria

top real estate companies in Lagos
Fine and Country NG

The company Fine and country is an international real estate brand with over 300 offices across the world.

They have a presence in South Africa, Dubai, Malta, Mauritius, and Thailand.

Fine and Country exquisitely combine premium real estate development with consulting and they target premium clients.

One of the unique selling propositions for Fine and Country is their international brand identity and exposure.   

10. Sujimoto International Ltd

Sujimoto International Ltd.

If you are looking for a high-end luxury real estate company, this is the real deal.

Over the past couple of years, Sujimoto has come to establish itself as the top real estate company that offers the best to those who can afford the premium.

When it comes to brand perception, they want to be known as the real estate company for the creme de la creme of the society; and they have succeeded.

Sujimoto specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality properties mainly in highbrow neighborhoods of Ikoyi, Banana Island, and Abuja. Though their prices are premium, Sujimoto gives you value for your money and delivers on their promise of almost unbeatable quality within a reasonable timeframe.

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