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Paradise Calls You To Rest (Ìsimi Lagos)

You said you wanted to live in an abode where nature’s beauty rules supreme!

“Well, What if your home’s surroundings feel like a paradise?”

Isimi Lagos: The BIG Idea

“Isimi” is a word taken from the Yoruba dialect that means “rest” or “peace of mind”. The name was carefully chosen to capture the experience that Isimi Lagos will become world renowned for.

Isimi Lagos’ dominant character will be it’s passionate, devout commitment to the restoration and preservation of the beauty of the natural environment as it was given to man at the dawn of creation.

Isimi Lagos is regarded and will become world famous as the “wellness city”.

In addition to showing forth nature’s beauty, Isimi Lagos will embody the perfect intersection of the wonders of technology, and the marvels of architecture, with nature being the dominant feature.

The natural topography of the whole of Isimi Lagos will be largely retained to maintain its natural state. Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure are planned to be built around the existing geological structure. Transportation around Isimi are strictly eco-friendly and great for an active lifestyle.

Isimi Lagos Is Perfect for who?

Isimi Lagos is designed with three types of people in mind.

📌 Residents who wish to live within a beautiful, tastefully preserved natural environment….

📌 Tourists who just want an occasional getaway from their busy lives in the cities into the tranquil, refreshing arms of mother nature.

📌 Workers who desire an ambient, refreshing work environment that feels like home, yet feels like a workspace.

Isimi Lagos is the perfect, unique destination for living, work, and play.

Isimi Lagos offers work and living spaces that are ideal for short and long term use. Polo enthusiasts will love the well-maintained world-class turf and other top-notch facilities for equestrians.

Fresh produce can be gotten straight off the farms and other activities like kayaking and fishing bring a flavor that makes you forget the bustle of the city and sink yourself deeper into nature’s loving arms.

When it’s time for your next vacation, company or team retreat or if you are just seeking somewhere you can go to embrace nature and get some well-deserved rest, Isimi Lagos is an excellent choice for you!

Where on God’s green earth is Isimi Lagos

Isimi sits on over 305 acres of land, located in Epe, Lagos with certificate of occupancy.

Why invest in isimi Lagos?

📌 Designed with your health and wellness in mind.

Where you live can change your life for good or otherwise…

From the air you breathe to the food you eat, to the physical activities you do, everything counts towards a better you!

Isimi Lagos will be known globally as the Wellness City and for good reasons…

Owning a property in Isimi Lagos inducts you into the Isimi Membership Club which grants you exclusive access to world class recreational facilities like:

✅ The Spa

✅ The Polo Club

✅ The Golf course

✅  A clinic

✅ Standard school

✅ Farm

 ✅ Dork

 ✅ Lake

 ✅ Helipads

 ✅ Eco-friendly means of transportation

Isimi Lagos is the culmination of the desire and vision to restore the harmony between man and his environment just as it was in the beginning of creation.

📌 Powered By The Sun!

The use of renewable clean energy sources is taking centre stage globally, and Isimi Lagos is not behind on this.

The entirety of Isimi Lagos will be powered by Solar energy! Yes! You heard that loud and clear- zero generator noise!!

📌 Guaranteed High level ROI

The vision behind Isimi Lagos means that the value of property in Isimi Lagos will rise at a rapid rate because of huge vested interests in the project.

Having a rental property i.e Short let apartments within the city automatically guarantees a steady stream of great income…

📌 Highly serene and beautiful environment….

How would you like it if a visit to your residence feels like a visit to a nature theme park?

Who doesn’t love peace, beauty and quietness?

Isimi Lagos’ devotion to serenity makes it a perfect place for retirement for seniors. There’s great peace of mind that comes with knowing that your retired parents are in a serene environment that supports their health and wellbeing.

But We Can’t Show You Everything Here…. unfortunately!

Are you thinking that you have seen all that Isimi Lagos offers, trust us, you are not even close.

There’s a lot more we want to show you, in greater detail…

Time is of Essence! Act In Time!

The first division of Isimi Lagos that’s open to the public – Origin 1 is only 100 plots!

Investment for 300 sqm is N9,000,000, 500 sqm – N15,000,000 and 1000 sqm -N30,000,000

Like everything that’s good in life, Isimi Lagos is not open forever.

So act while you still have the time…

Once those are gone, it will be a while before it’s again open to the public and of course- at a much higher price!!

Be part of this luxurious adventure; act while you still have the time.

You can reach out to me via whatsapp using this link https://bit.ly/iamhereA or via email: contact@abiolafadahunsi.com

To get even more details (videos, brochure, and features), visit:


Put your health and wellness first, gain complete rest; an ideal state, where you’re sated and rejuvenated.

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